Coucour Himalayan Yaks Dog Treat Chews

Unlike other Himalayan yak brands Coucour Yaks are manufactured in the EU under strict EU guidelines.  

This long lasting dog chew treat is produced in Belgium from a traditional Himalayan recipe!

Each stick is produced from 99.9% cow's milk while remaining low in lactose.

This delicacy is handcrafted in a Belgian factory certified IFS. The milk is made into cheese, then pressed and dried for more than 3 months. The product is then cut into different sizes according to the customer's request. 

Coucour yaks are 100% natural, vegetarian, gluten-free, low in lactose, Rich in protein and calcium, made from fresh milk harvested in Belgium and promote dental hygiene.

Long-lasting chews are naturally palatable and offer a real moment of pleasure to dogs!

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