Where do you ship to?
We ship throughout Ireland & Worldwide.

What are the Shipping costs?

All shipping costs are quoted at checkout, international shipping is charged at a flat rate, shipping costs for international orders will be confirmed upon receipt of the order. Should the shipping be less than the flat rate a refund will be issued. We will revert with additional costs should they apply.

How do I obtain RRP for each brand?

Suggested RPP prices are quoted with each product.

How do I open an online account?
Please complete the enquiry form on the contact us page.

How do I obtain pricing details?
All pricing is available once an account is opened.

When will I receive my order?
All orders are shipped within 2-3 business days by courier. Should items be on back order we will contact you to confirm expected delivery date

What ingredients are in Natural Dog Company and is it safe if your dog licks it off ?
Natural Dog products are 100% natural, vegan, safe and edible. Even if your dog eats it all! It is a perfectly normal reaction for your dog to want to lick off any balm you apply. Natural Dog Company products will still work even if most of it is licked off! However, the more time our healing balms are allowed to penetrate, the better results you will see.

Natural Dog Company application suggestions 

The key is to apply as often as possible – especially before bedtime when bodies are in healing mode. It is also a beneficial time because your dog is relaxed and less likely to resist. The more time the product is allowed to penetrate, the better results you will get. Distractions work wonders!

Are the Natural Dog Company Products fragrance free?
Snout Soother and Snout Shine are both fragrance-free. Natural Dog Company elected not to include any fragrance into these products because they are not needed in this formulation and it would be undesirable for a dog to have those ingredients go on top of his nose where his olfactory senses are off the charts!
Paw Soother, PawTection, Skin Soother and Wrinkle Balm do contain fragrance, in the form of 100% natural essential oils. Not the fake, chemical, phthalate rich, endocrine disrupting kind. Natural Dog Company use only the top of the line 100% natural essential oils, made without the use of solvents. Natural Dog Comapny do not add any scents to our products, but many customers love the way they smell!

How many applications are in the travel size and 2oz natural dog company products?
This will vary greatly by size of dog, frequency of use and amount used. One can expect approximately 15 uses with the trial size and at least 100 uses with the 2 oz.